Born eighth of nine children in an old farm house without indoor plumbing or electricity, Luleen Anderson is the daughter of share-croppers. She went to college to study journalism but was forced to change her major when the college she attended on scholarship dropped the journalism major. She switched to psychology and went on to become a noted clinical psychologist, teacher and writer.


In 1958, Luleen received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan College, where she was named “Miss Wesleyan”, and was later given the alumnae award for “Distinguished Achievement.”

After receiving her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Emory University in 1961, she was accepted into the Ph.D. program in clinical psychology at Boston University and received a National Institutes of Mental Health stipend. Luleen graduated in 1965.

For many years, Dr. Anderson maintained a private clinical practice, taught in graduate schools, supervised trainees in a child guidance center, directed a family unit in a large mental health center, and served for sixteen years as coordinator of psychological services for the Quincy, MA public schools.

In 1991, Luleen moved to Wilmington, NC and continued her clinical practice, teaching and lecturing. For over five years she wrote a monthly column in Wilma!, a women’s magazine.

Now retired, Dr. Anderson continues to write about people and experiences that touch and inspire her. She loves being with her son Eric and spending time with friends and family.