The Knack of a Happy Life

A happy life is our choice…misery is optional.  Clinical psychologist Dr. Luleen Anderson draws on a lifetime of expertise and her own poignant experiences to show each of us how to make that choice for ourselves.  With compassion, gentle humor, and wisdom, her brief essays guide readers through the major turning points of our lives.  Men and women, young and old alike, will find hope, joy, and insight in these delightful pages.


“There is great beauty and wisdom in this work”

– Daniel Ladinsky, author of I Heard God Laughing, The Gift, The Subject Tonight is Love, and Love Poems From God

Clinical Psychologist Luleen Anderson has the gift of writing clearly about complex human relationships. She does not bypass suffering but shows the way to happiness, in the spirit of the Dalai Lama’s ‘The Art of Happiness’. She makes available both to professionals and to the ordinary reader her lifetime of academic and clinical expertise.

– Jenny Yates, Ph.D., author of Jung on Death and Immortality, co-editor of The Near Death Experience

“Gentle humor and clarity of insight make ‘The Knack’ not only an enjoyable book but a wise one as well.

– Catherine McCall, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Lifeguarding: A Memoir of Secrets, Swimming, and the South

“What a rare combination! Luleen Anderson’s book is as serious of purpose as it is entertaining to read, with nuggets of wisdom on every page.”

– Ellyn Bache, author of Riggs Park, Holiday Miracles, and Safe Passage

“When you come across a sharecropper’s daughter, reared dirt-poor, who got a Ph.D., became a therapist, a published writer – you want to know the secrets of her success. Some of the wisest words are also the most simple, and here are her simple, wise, accessible secrets to the knack of a happy life. Her words will resonate in you long after you put down the book.”

– Sophy Burnham, author of A Book of Angels, The Treasure of Montségur, and The Path of Prayer

“Luleen Anderson’s Knack inspires without becoming preachy or sentimental. She tells good stories about real people that together form a comprehensive curriculum in happiness. Good for armchairs, hammocks, porches, bathrooms, beach blankets, and planes. I think she must be an excellent psychotherapist.

– Peggy Payne, author of the novel Sister India and coauthor of The Healing Power of Doing Good